1 Meter Chocolate 1 Meter Chocolate 1 Meter Chocolate

1 METER CHOCOLATE ™ is an unforgettable chocolate temptation for young and old. It is an original and unique, one-meter chocolate.

1 METER CHOCOLATE ™  is a premium product made ​​entirely from natural ingredients and high quality raw materials, free of hydrogenated (vegetable) oils.

1 METER CHOCOLATE ™  is not just chocolate ..
It was a memorable and attractive gift suitable for any occasion and sharing. It can brighten the day of a loved one, a child, friends,  it can serve as a gift for a birthday party or just instead of a luxury bonbonniere, flowers, cake, or a bottle of expensive wine.
With , 1 METER CHOCOLATE ™  you always leave unforgettable memories and emotionsl!